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Useless as **** on a boar

Question asked by 8BAKE4S052W8U on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by communitymanager

This "Go365" think is rapidly becoming quite useless.  After the initial "surge", I got the easy $25 gift certificate.  Now here we are in February, I've done 10 of their "active" days, surpassing 1,000 steps on each, and still no indication of a monumental $5 reward for completing the February "challenge".  The way I see it now, I have to wait until June to collect anything at all for activity.  Pretty uninspiring to "get healthy" or even "stay fit".  My Apple Watch is more "initiative driven" than this "health program".  I guess I'll just go do my thing, and check back in July to see if they've seen fit to give out the rewards.  Anyone else having the same problems?