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Question asked by Aka181217172624 on Feb 15, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by go365moderator2

There appears to be many members asking the same questions over and over again.  My question is .....why was all the rules, regulations, benefits and rewards information never put in leaflet and mailed out to all go365 members?  We get many many phone calls, information leaflets and emails sent to us from Humana but never anything on go365.!!


I have asked these questions before but I would like to have them in one place instead of having to search through the community information for answers.


1. I understand that if I do 8 sessions a month at the gym  I receive $5  which is put on my account by the end of the following month. this correct?

2. If I am not able to go the gym one month but will be doing the steps instead I can complete the workout tracker and mail it in to you. .... 500 steps i do in my first 30 minutes of getting out of bed so i do not need to have a fit bit or similar item which i have to download .......

is this correct?

3. November and December gym sessions are never loaded in time to claim rewards.  I understand that we can complete the workout tracker form and send to you so we do not miss out.  Do we have to get a print out from the gym to confirm our attendance?  Answeer required on this this correct?

4.  We receive a maximum of 4 x $5 for asking questions, commenting on the posts in the Community section .....How and when are they entered into our accounts.......Question to be answered ......Is this correct?


I have no complaints about the rewards we receive and the changes which have been made.  Any reward is always appreciated.


All for now ......thank you.