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Volunteering Input and Calling Support

Question asked by Aka20693021640 on Apr 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 6, 2019 by Aka20693021640

I completed a 10K on March 3. I input this under the social activities section. The site did not indicate it did anything so I input it again twice thinking the site was not working. It reached the maximum allowed. I immediately called support and I was assured by support that the extras would be removed. They are still there with full credit. I don't want money I have not earned but it is still annoying. I just input another volunteer activity and the way the site works, I wasn't sure if that one went through at first -- nor can I see it anywhere.


I also noticed my volunteer now has one for March 3 and one for March 4 for the same volunteer walk. Again, I will make sure I earn the maximum before I spend any money, but your site really needs work. Your support staff may be answering phone calls, but they are not doing anything with the phone call so I won't be calling in again.