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Why is the First Six Month Annual Wellness Visit Rewarded Extra?

Question asked by Aka20693021640 on Apr 27, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by Aka20693021640

I've mentioned this before that I don't think it's fair that the first six months annual wellness visits get extra bonus points I go by my doctor's schedule. My last wellness visit to the doctor was in December 2018. I am due for labs in June, but do not see the doctor until July. I miss out on the extra rewards for scheduling during the first six months.


I'm complaining because in today's mail, I got a brochure from Go365 about earning extra rewards for going in the first "Go365 program year." Forget about the doctor and what schedule the patients are on... Perhaps my question is how do I get Humana Go365 to stop sending me brochures that are only going to aggravate me because I'm losing out on the $25 extra bonus because my doctor's visit is not until July.