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Wellness Exam coded wrong by doctor

Question asked by Aka211082820410 on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by go365moderator2

I scheduled and had (no copay) a Wellness exam on 4/9/19.  However, my doctor coded it as a physicians visit rather than a Wellness Exam.  The office explanation was that we dicussed my post nasal drip (I specifically asked her to renew a prescription) and that there was a scheduled stress test on my calendar (from my cardiologist).  There was NO discussion, barely a mention.  I don't expect my doctor to understand the intracacies of the Go365 plan, nor did I know that I had to ask her specifically to code it as a Wellness Exam, which she would have done.  So I miss out on the $25.


When I "chatted" about this issue, I was told to go back to my doctor and have her recode the exam.  I will NOT waste her time to do this.  But next year I will specifically ask her to do this, and if she insists on discussing medical issues (not on the Wellness Exam approved list, I'll just schedule another appointment, pay my copay, and waste Humana's money.  


Doesn't seem right.