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How do I get credit for my wellness exam?

Question asked by Aka141120134860 on Aug 19, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by go365moderator2

  I have read the response to this question - about depends on how the Dr. billed. So do I go to their office manager/billing and ask them to resubmit??? I have a wellness appt. with my primary every 6 months. I have labs drawn prior that we discuss, do weight, blood pressure, discuss my meds, family history, my risk factors, if depressed, if incontinent, etc. Essentially everything covered in the description "Wellness" appt. I will be having my mammo soon which was ordered at my June 11th appt. It appears I got credit for my labs done on 5/29/2019 for this 06/11/19 appt. I will have my next "wellness" appt in Dec. and will probably do occult blood stool cards for colon cancer screening and will want to make sure I get credit for that. Incidentally, I will be having my every 6 mo. appt with my Humana cardiologist in 2 days. I go to my appts, take my meds, and work hard at staying healthy with exercise, healthy eating, trying to manage sress. So - how do I get that credit for "Wellness Exam"? As staying healthy is all about these appts for me.