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Does anyone here know the medical codes for the MRI contrast GADOLINIUM 24 hour urine/serum collection?  I tried asking in CHAT mode, but got a "I don' t know anything' response.

Question asked by aka51013522168 on Nov 27, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by go365admin3

Having been in way too many MRI scans since 2001, reading up on the GADOLINIUM contrast toxic metal deposition and accumulation horror stories, I wanted to have the blood and urine tests performed but I am running up against brick walls when asking for medical codes specific to GADOLINIUM testing, from MD offices, from QUEST LABS, and even here from Humana in chat mode. "we do not give out medical codes" as "we do not know what the codes are", but are not up front about it. 


 Has anyone undergone multiple MRI's with contrasts and had these tests done to determine the amount of the heavy metal GADOLINIUM is in their body?  I could use the medical codes for QUEST LABS.


 I read that the Mayo Clinic tests these, but they have a place 150 miles away from here, plus there are other online sites who charge fees for this test, when I HOPE that it is something that can be covered by this lame Humana HMO medical coverage.   


 I will not even get started about HUMANA creating issues about MD scripts for a 90 day medication, but HUMANA will only cover it 30 days at a time; not 90.  If I buy for 90 days I pay the same price as if I pay for 30 days. Because oh HUMANA I have to pay 3x the price for the MD script due to their 90 day policy.  Never had this problem with other Medicare HMO's.


GADOLINIUM anyone?   Please respond to XXXXXXXXXXXXX as I rarely will come here to read responses.