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Getting fit

Question asked by Aka1310940055 on Jan 15, 2020
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So my husband and I lost our coverage for the YMCA as of Jan 2020. So we signed up at Gold's Gym.  The Silver Sneaker class there is so SLOW.  Ok workout but NOTHING like the YMCA's classes. I sure don't get my heart rate up too much, that's for sure.  They actually had to add another Silver Sneaker class because they were only offering one class a week.  Also noticed that they do not offer wipes to wipe off the guess should expect to be sicker this year causing more visits to the doctor's office and more money being spent by HUMANA to pay for my care.  What gives.  Really sad that I had to leave the YMCA. I do wear an "unacceptable" fit bit that records my steps...who knows if 

I will be able to get points for that...but I sure do walk more than 500 STEPS in a day.