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Why are my points not awarded

Question asked by Aka18165552609 on Jun 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2020 by go365admin3

Evidently the Nokia Health Mate app that is on my phone (one of the few possibilities for automatic logging) is not communicating properly with Go365. Kenesha (chat moderator) said she would award the points for May and June and I should see them in a day or two. It has been four days and I still have not received points.

Also, I was told I had to disconnect RunKeeper and Apple Health from Health Mate because Go365 does not accept data from those programs. I did that and for Wednesday-Saturday no steps were recorded by Health Mate even though it was running. How can I use Health Mate to log my steps if I can't use Apple Health to tell Health Mate that I'm walking?

I'm sorry for the confusion on my part but my steps were being recorded properly on Go365 after I installed Health Mate in March (that is when the moderator told me to connect it) and then in April they stopped being recorded. Is there any explanation? Is there anything I can do?