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Could you help me get an activity tracker for SilverSneakers?

Question asked by aka5222297591 on Jul 19, 2020
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I am indigent. I am legally disabled & have serious medical and psych healthcare challenges. I would like to be a le to get the activity tracker for SilverSneakers, but I don't have money leftover after paying my rent & my Rx CoPays alone actually costs me more than what I receive in my SSDI monthly stipend. It's also very difficult to get even on a wait list for public housing or other subsidy on living expenses, whether to rent or even buy, but you can't exactly pick where you live, they tell you where they have an apartment (suitable for your needs, ie- #of bedrooms appropriate for however many people will live there, who must all qualify, children automatically qualify if you're their Guardian) but it's just me (legally disabled on SSDI) & my BF who NEEDS to be on SSDI but it's been difficult to say the least.

They make it SO SO difficult to get approved even though you qualify. You can't have worked in the previous 1-2 years, I'm not sure what they expect you to do, though they can see that you have been unable to keep a job with all of the (let's just say 2-3 dozen) places you've worked listed right in front of their eyes on their national or statewide database (so don't lie! LOL) in the last several years… Anyway I was really hoping there may be a program or other option(s) possibly available for those who have been struggling so very much.

My boyfriend didn't qualify for the $600/wk unemployment benefits. We have only had my income with two or three partial checks from places my bf works bc we are frightfully behind. But anyway  I apologize, as I mentioned I was just hoping there could be a way to get an activity tracker which would be compatible with the SilverSneakers program, or even using an app on my crummy Android phone? Heh.

I am also interested in any other programs I may qualify for. Is there a program which rewards you to quit smoking? I have heard that there's a program, maybe some local program through Colorado or maybe through you guys which pays you like $10 or something like that as you meet your quitting smoking goals. I want to quit anyway. For my health and my finances, but I really want to get the rewards available when I quit also.

Please let me know if there's a way to use the activity tracker program to get the $5 rewards for being active 8x/month. Again even just using my Android would be fine if there's some (free) app that may also be compatible. If I have missed any other available programs which pay cash to be healthy or active, et al. please let me know of them and how to sign up.


Thanks very much,


-Justin Richardson

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